You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?

Series 7 - Episode 8 You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?



Fiona remains at odds with Lip, unable to ask him or anyone else for help as the laundromat repairs continue to escalate. Lip tries to get his old life back at the college, with the help of two of his most trusted persons from his life and agrees to go before the school board. Meanwhile, Kev's trust in Svetlana lessens when the van goes missing. Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White star.

Cast & Crew

Frank Gallagher William H Macy
Fiona Gallagher Emmy Rossum
Phillip `Lip' Gallagher Jeremy Allen White
Veronica Fisher Shanola Hampton
Kevin Ball Steve Howey
Debbie Gallagher Emma Kenney
Ian Gallagher Cameron Monaghan
Svetlana Isidora Goreshter
Etta June Squibb
Director Allison Liddi-Brown
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