Dogs: An Amazing Animal Family

Asia and Africa

Series 1 - Episode 3 Asia and Africa



Relish the cartoon-like footage of a red fox nose-diving into thick snow in the hope of catching a hidden mouse because some of the other canines in this edition aren’t so enchanting.

The termite-loving, bat-eared fox of Kalamari, the egg-munching raccoon dog of China and the jackals of Africa’s Skeleton Coast are okay but you simply can’t coo over the African hunting dogs of Namibia. “Natural born killers” is how Patrick Aryee describes them, which is presumably why George Thorogood’s Bad to the Bone accompanies them on the soundtrack.

For cuteness though you can’t beat the Sahara’s fennec fox: one kilo of white fluff with the most adorably big ears.


Patrick Aryee follows a pack of African hunting dogs and meets a fox with ears longer than its legs. Plus, a jackal's cunning is caught on camera.