Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



If you’ve ever found yourself missing sex-fuelled vampire drama True Blood, then you’re in luck – because Midnight, Texas comes from the same source (Charlaine Harris’s supernatural novels) and is very much cut from the same cloth.

The silly yet entertaining story stars an implausibly hairstyled psychic named Manfredo (François Arnaud) who decides to lie low in a sleepy Texas town – the titular Midnight.

However, the one-horse town turns out to have its fair share of other supernatural types (including witches, angels and yes, vampires), and when a murdered woman washes up on their doorstep Manfredo and his new neighbours find themselves at risk of discovery.


Psychic Manfred Bernardo moves to the small town of Midnight, Texas, and meets his new neighbours, several of whom seem unusual.

Cast & Crew

Manfred Bernardo François Arnaud
Bobo Winthrop Dylan Bruce
Olivia Arielle Kebbel
Xylda Joanne Camp