The Windsors

Series 2 - Episode 4



To Charles’s eminently mockable model town of Poundbury in Dorset, where Wills is trying to stir the locals from the sleep of meek obedience to their ruling master. But Kate has other things on her mind in the latest visit to the spoof soap – her ex-husband from her gypsy days is back and intent on reclaiming the future queen.

Harry, meanwhile, is being forced into cross-dressing prostitution by Uncle “Randy Andy” in order to further the playboy Prince’s dodgy business interests. Uncommonly silly and inordinately disrespectful this certainly is — it’s also brilliantly funny in places. Orf with their heads!


Kate and Wills visit Charles's traditionalist new town, Poundbury in Dorset, where Charles is unveiling another statue of himself. Pippa ponders whether she should leave her fiance Johnny, after she learns that he has lost his fortune and has become a pizza delivery man. Meanwhile, Kate runs into old flame Gypsy Ricky, who reminds her they are still married following a traditional gypsy ritual. Will Camilla use this to destroy Kate in her latest plan to grab power? Starring Harry Enfield, Louise Ford and Hugh Skinner.

Cast & Crew

Charles Harry Enfield
Wills Hugh Skinner
Camilla Haydn Gwynne
Pippa Morgana Robinson
Kate Louise Ford
Fergie Katy Wix
Harry Richard Goulding
Beatrice Ellie White
Eugenie Celeste Dring
Johnny Mathers Ben Lambert
Prince Edward Matthew Cottle
Prince Andrew Tim Wallers
Charles I Stephen Harvey
Judy Sanchia McCormack
Ricky Harry Peacock
Terry Kim Wall
Executive Producer Camilla Campbell
Executive Producer Robert Wulff-Cochrane
Writer George Jeffrie
Writer Bert Tyler-Moore
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