The Sweet Makers: A Georgian Treat

The Sweet Makers: A Georgian Treat

Series 1



The four confectioners are having a blast. This week they use the recipes and techniques of a high-street shop in late 18th-century Bath, catering to genteel Georgians with money to burn. That means making wonderful dishes like parmesan cream ice, chocolate sorbet and – best of all – flummery.

We get to enjoy the dishes vicariously but we also get a crash course in the pivotal role of sugar – and by extension, slavery – in the economy that created Bath’s elegant façades. It’s a bittersweet mixture but it works, helped by a sharp presenting duo and four have-a-go confectioners who, like Bake Off contestants, might be stars in their own right.


Four modern confectioners use original recipes, equipment and ingredients to recreate the extravagant displays of a Georgian confectionery shop. Guided by food historian Dr Annie Gray and social historian Emma Dabiri, the foursome travel to Bath to experience first-hand the life of confectioners in late 18th and early 19th-century England. The sweet-makers craft everything from towering jellies made from boiled calves feet, glasses of Parmesan ice cream, and a final course featuring an edible landscape.

Cast & Crew

Director Lucy Swingler
Editor Dilesh Korya
Editor Jane Harris
Executive Producer Emily Shields
Producer Noa Snowdon
Producer Hermione Drew
Series Producer Helen Nixon
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