Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family

Series 7 - Episode 1



Marion and James met when they were seven years old. As teenagers in 1960s Catford, they started going out, and a year or so later Marion became pregnant.

In 1970 Andy was born and for the first few months of his life, Marion looked after him as best she could. But things became tough for them and when she asked if they could live with her grandparents (who had raised her), the response from her nan was brutal: “You can come home, but you’re not bringing it with you.”

They were forced to give the baby up for adoption, a decision that has haunted them for 46 hears, and seeing them talk about it now is heartbreaking. “The guilt sometimes, its unbelievable,” says James, his voice shaking. But that’s the kind of tragic wrong this series exists to put right, and once again Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall deliver stories of love and loss with an empathetic touch.


New series. Divorced couple Marion Williams and James McDonnell come together to search for the child they were forced to give up for adoption in the face of overwhelming family opposition when they were teenagers. Elsewhere, Cathie Cutler-Evans searches for her birth mother, Adrienne Powell, who had to give her up after being unable to offer Cathie a stable home as an unmarried 19-year-old.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Presenter Nicky Campbell
Director Caroline Miller
Director Rachel Ozers
Editor Paddy Lynas
Editor Sally Yeadon
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Series Producer Caroline Miller
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