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Series 5 - Episode 6 Occurrence Reports



This melancholic finale will soon squash any sense of euphoria you may feel when Augustus Dove is eventually caught out for his vicious crimes. Of course we accept that some of our heroes must pay the price for their criminal past but this is gloomier than a back alley in Victorian Whitechapel on a foggy night in February.

Having despatched various characters to the gallows or Dartmoor prison or even further afield, we confusingly jump back and forwards in time. This means Bennet suddenly makes a larger-than-life reappearance from the grave while DI Reid (reunited with that awful bowler hat) pursues the Ripper case. But actually he seems to spend most of his time morosely nursing a drink.

It's a proper series ending albeit the antithesis of a “happy ever after” one and they say there won't be any more Ripper Streets. But we've heard that before. Maybe, like Bennet in this episode, it will be resurrected in the future.


Reid has finally captured Nathaniel Dove, ridding Whitechapel of its most feared monster since Jack the Ripper and also clearing the name of the late Bennet Drake. But for the detective and Jackson to be proven innocent, they must bring down Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove. Even then, could Reid ever find peace in Whitechapel - the place which has haunted his dreams for so long? Last-ever episode of the crime drama set in the Victorian London, starring Matthew Macfadyen, Adam Rothenberg and Killian Scott. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Det Insp Edmund Reid Matthew Macfadyen
Det Insp Bennet Drake Jerome Flynn
Cpt Homer Jackson Adam Rothenberg
Long Susan MyAnna Buring
Chief Insp Frederick Abberline Clive Russell
Augustus Dove Killian Scott
Nathaniel Jonas Armstrong
Sgt Drum Drummond Matthew Lewis
Mathilda Reid Anna Burnett
Mimi Morton Lydia Wilson
Fred Best David Dawson
Col Sir Edward Bradford Patrick Drury
Renshaw Matthew O'Brien
Robin Sumner Joseph Harmon
Director Ashley Way
Executive Producer Ed Guiney
Executive Producer Richard Warlow
Executive Producer Will Gould
Executive Producer Andrew Lowe
Executive Producer Frith Tiplady
Executive Producer Chris Bird
Executive Producer Jason Ropell
Executive Producer Martin Backlund
Executive Producer Justine Vaughan
Executive Producer Saul Venit
Writer Richard Warlow
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