Call the Cleaners

Call the Cleaners

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you thought that Kim and Aggie and the pool of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners had mopped up everyone who was willing to let a TV crew into their mucky homes and film the filth, think again. ITV has given that format a spit and polish for this new series where extreme cleaners transform the homes of hoarders within meaningless timeframes.

Mother and daughter cleaning duo Maxine and Jasmine have “just three days” (typical) to clear and clean the home of taxi driver Dirg, who has spent two decades letting the rubbish pile up around him and has got to the point where he’s sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor.


Documentary following the work of extreme cleaners. In London, sisters Yvonne and Angela tackling the dirtiest flat they have ever encountered in nearly 20 years on the job, while Maxine and her daughter Jasmine deal with a hoarder who has 20 years' worth of possessions cluttering his home. In Somerset, Shaun and his team specialise in full house clearances and hey are sorting out a flat for a landlord, but the resident appears not to have thrown anything away in years and rotting household rubbish almost fills the rooms.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Patricia Hodge
Executive Producer Charlie Bunce
Series Producer Ross Anderson