Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children


Series 1 - Episode 2 Families



We're back at the Phoenix Futures family rehab centre in Sheffield, for the absorbing and agonising story of Micky, Fay and their son Kyle. Their story is so sharply etched, you have to remind yourself these are regular people going through some of the toughest months of their lives; it feels as if we barely have the right to eavesdrop on their highs and lows.

Micky is 36 and has used drugs since he was 13. He's clearly a good dad to Kyle – changing nappies, feeding, bathing him –but not if he starts using heroin again. The nuts and bolts of kicking addiction are laid out vividly in a humane and revealing film.


Part two of two. Cameras follow a young couple facing an uphill battle to overcome their addiction to heroin so they can leave rehab with their two-year-old son. Dad is determined that no one will take his boy, but he's not prepared for the huge challenge ahead and despite his determination, he struggles.

Cast & Crew

Director Ben Rumney
Editor Paul Dosaj
Executive Producer Emma Wakefield
Producer Ben Rumney