Series 19 - Episode 42 Baggage



Donna gets a shock when she's dealt a cruel blow by her ex, but help is on hand from a surprising source. Meanwhile, Dominic wants to uncover the truth about Lofty's private life, but after taking some well meaning advice from his mum, he's unprepared for what unfolds.

Cast & Crew

Donna Jackson Jaye Jacobs
Dominic Copeland David Ames
Ben `Lofty” Chiltern Lee Mead
Sacha Levy Bob Barrett
Henrik Hanssen Guy Henry
Morven Digby Eleanor Fanyinka
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher Alex Walkinshaw
Bernie Wolfe Jemma Redgrave
Nina Karnik Ayesha Dharker
Essie Harrison Kaye Wragg
Matteo Rossini Christian Vit
Damon Ford David Ajao
Carole Copeland Julia Deakin
Mia Barron Briana Shann
Andrea Lawley Emma Davies
Brian Grover Geoff Leesley
Director Tracey Rooney
Producer Sarah Creasey
Writer Patrick Homes
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Drama Soap