In the Dark

Series 1 - Episode 3



Detective Helen Weeks, clutching her baby bump, is trying to make a go of a life with the man who might or might not be the father of her child. He wasn’t very happy about this confusion when we left him, but he seems to have come around.

Their fragile happiness is short-lived after a chain reaction of events that leads Helen (MyAnna Buring) to start her own investigation into her boyfriend’s dealings with the kind of TV Mr Big who runs his ops from an empty warehouse.

Everyone around Helen continues to try to arrange her life for her, which must be so irritating, while a gangland turf war explodes on the streets.


Five months after the Polesford case, a heavily pregnant Helen is still battling with the fallout from her infidelity. Her life is derailed by a gangland shooting with tragic consequences. Just days from giving birth, she is plunged into a murder investigation involving Manchester's criminal underbelly, forcing her to question everything she holds dear. Drama, starring MyAnna Buring and Tim McInnerny.

Cast & Crew

DI Helen Weeks MyAnna Buring
DI Paul Hopkins Ben Batt
DI Adam Perrin David Leon
DCI Jack Gosforth Jamie Sives
Jenny Georgia Tennant
Phil Hendricks Matt King
Nurse Rachel Priest
Theo Fisayo Akinade
Frank Linnell Tim McInnerny
Sarah Rushton Louise Delamere
DS Gary Kenny Kieran O'Brien
Easy Jordan Bolger
Mikey Aqib Khan
Snap Morgan Bailey
Wave Connor Mullen
DC Brian Fay Thomas Aldersley
DS Ralph Pearce Craig Whittaker
Katie Alison Burrows
Javine Leah Walker
DCI Ted Carter David Prosho
Patrick Rushton Robert Morgan
'Snooks' Johann Myers
Clive Everal A Walsh
Katherine Fort Susan McArdle
Ray Jackson Ben Smith
BBC North West presenter Annabel Tiffin
Director Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen
Executive Producer Mark Billingham
Executive Producer Danny Brocklehurst
Executive Producer Hilary Martin
Producer Hugh Warren
Writer Danny Brocklehurst
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