River City




With DCI Grant pulling the strings, Annie turns detective in the hunt for Fraser's killer. Cassie comes to a devastating realisation when she attempts reunite Bob and Angus before an urgent trip to the US. Suzie is heartbroken when she learns the true consequences of Robbie and Stevie's drug-fuelled binge. Frankie reacts badly when sparks fly between Jules and Danny.

Cast & Crew

DCI Rachel Grant Therese Bradley
Annie Jandhu Dawn Steele
Bob Adams Stephen Purdon
Angus Lindsay Scott Fletcher
Amandeep Jandhu Sanjeev Kohli
Cassie Lindsay Sophia Kolinas
Suzie Fraser Juliet Cadzow
Robbie Fraser Gary Lamont
Amber Murdoch Jenny Hulse
Charlotte Crozier Daisy Veldhoven
Frankie Roth Louise McMenemy
Jules Belmont Aisha Toussaint
Lydia Murdoch Jacqueline Leonard
Alex Murdoch Jordan Young
Stevie O'Hara Iain Robertson
Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
Madonna Mullen Sienna Glackin
Scarlett Mullen Sally Howitt
Danny Turner Neil Pendleton
Caitlin McLean Gayle Telfer Stevens
Director Siri Rodnes
Producer Stephen Garwood
Writer Rob Fraser
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Drama Soap