The Highland Midwife

The Highland Midwife

Series 1 - Episode 1



Practise your breathing techniques, because there’s even more drama and tension in this doc than in One Born Every Minute. Hospitals are few and far between in the more remote areas of the highlands, so pregnant women rely on community midwives like the calm yet cheery Karen, Becky and Morven to check on their health during pregnancy and sometimes to oversee the delivery at home.

Inevitably some birth plans go awry: Bridie has to make a four-hour dash to Forth Valley hospital when her waters break early, Anastasia’s labour surprises everyone, while Samantha’s baby is in the breech position. After much grunting, screaming and weeping, there are happy endings for all.


New series. Documentary series taking viewers to the unforgiving surrounds of the Scottish Highlands, following three expectant mothers and the professionals who attend them. In the opening episode, first-time mum Bridie's hopes for a local birth are threatened when her labour fails to progress, while the sudden arrival of Anastasia's baby necessitates a late-night dash for midwife Morven.

Cast & Crew

Director Lindsay Hill
Director Louise Pirie
Executive Producer Ross Wilson
Executive Producer Melanie Darlaston
Producer Lindsay Hill
Producer Louise Pirie
Series Producer Amanda McGlynn
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