The Week the Landlords Moved In

The Week the Landlords Moved In

Series 1 - Episode 2



If you like watching TV and judging people – and don’t we all? – this series is a gift. The comparatively simple idea of having buy-to-let landlords spend time in their tenants’ shoes is given extra edge by the way some of the landlords brag in the manner of Apprentice candidates at the start of the programme. “There are two types of people, winners and losers. And I’ve always considered myself to be a winner,” announces Jamie, who “outsources” all his cooking to a paid chef and is learning to fly in his spare time.

The week he and partner Dan spend at one of their rental properties in County Durham proves an excellent eye-opener, as a chastened Jamie concludes, “It shows I’m not doing business right.”


Young landlords Dan and Jamie are given a reality check in Co Durham when they move into their tenant Michael's home. At first, they are blasé about the jobs that need doing, but when they come face to face with Michael everything is thrown into question. In Leeds, old feelings and difficult memories are raked up for millionaire Prab when he is taken back to his own impoverished childhood.

Cast & Crew

Director Bill Bailey
Executive Producer Kathryn Lennox
Executive Producer Hannah Wyatt
Series Producer Emily Smith