First Dates

Series 8 - Episode 12



A thousand years in the future, when alien invaders want to know what our society was like in 2017, they’ll go straight to First Dates. All of human life is summed up in this eye-opening series, which all anthropologists should be tuning in to.

This time, Sherry, a 65-year-old dominatrix, is a bit tired of always being in charge so she’s on the lookout for a date she doesn’t need to whip into shape. Meanwhile 42-year-old Christmas-tree farmer Rob – who refers to himself as “the Crocodile Dundee of Swansea” – wants a woman who’ll want to go on nature adventures with him. Hannah, luckily, wants a Bear Grylls type – she might just have found him.


Diners include Sherry, a 65-year-old dominatrix looking for romance. She hopes chartered surveyor and t'ai chi enthusiast John might be the man for her. Meanwhile, Hannah, 40, is looking for a man who shares her love of adventure. Could 42-year-old Christmas tree farmer Rob be her Mr Right?

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Barnaby Coughlin
Executive Producer Michele Kurland
Series Editor Jon Crisp
Series Producer Lana Salah