Series 2 - Episode 3



At one point in this moving bulletin from the NHS frontline, someone refers to “a crisis in mental health in this country”. It’s a phrase you hear a lot in discussions of health policy but if you want to see what it means at the sharp end, watch this.

Three case studies show what can happen when psychiatric patients turn up at A&E in distress. In one, a red-haired woman has assaulted several members of staff and is now in Room Q at St Mary’s, resting. But finding a bed for her at a psychiatric unit (plus secure transport to get her there) proves absurdly difficult for liaison manager Million Moyo – and expensive, too.

A weary A&E staffer sums it up: “There's been so many cuts in all areas of our social care in this country and it's so frustrating that anyone in society who doesn't know where to turn will come to us... It just makes our job very, very frustrating.”


Cameras follow patients at St Mary's who face a long wait, including a woman with serious mental health issues. There is also footage of patients and their loved ones coping with dementia, including a wife who is her 75-year-old husband's sole carer, and is at breaking point, partly due to his aggressive outbursts.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jackie Waldock
Executive Producer Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Executive Producer Simon Dickson
Series Producer Tom Currie
Series Producer Gilly Greenslade