The Betrayed Girls

The Betrayed Girls


If you didn’t see BBC1’s superb and clearly accurate drama Three Girls about the grooming of young white girls by Pakistani men in Rochdale, this harrowing documentary is especially important viewing. Using interviews with the victims as well as with sexual health centre manager Sara Rowbotham, DC Maggie Oliver and investigative journalist Andrew Norfolk, it puts the story into a political and racial context.

The way these vulnerable girls were manipulated by their abusers is appalling, but it’s also alarming how the authorities let them down. Worried that if it went to court the far right would use the case to inflame racial hatred, many professionals decided to ignore the abuse.


In May 2012, eight British-Pakistani men and an Afghan asylum-seeker were found guilty of the grooming, rape and sex trafficking of underage teenage girls in Rochdale, but it turned out that police and social services had known about the abusers for years and that the scandal went far beyond the Greater Manchester town. This feature-length documentary features testimonies from victims whose stories have not been told before and includes interviews with people who spoke out on behalf of the girls.

Cast & Crew

Director Henry Singer
Editor Ben Stark
Executive Producer Simon Ford
Producer Rob Miller