24 Hours in Police Custody

The Golden Bracelet

Series 5 - Episode 5 The Golden Bracelet



“All this for some meatballs,” sighs a detective. At a Luton convenience store, a shopkeeper has been stabbed in the hip after confronting suspected shoplifters. The suspect is well known to police but claims in his statement, “A gang of Asians from the shop attacked my mate.” CCTV will settle the matter. But you know how too often in crime dramas, there’s an implausibly long delay in obtaining CCTV – well, maybe that’s not so implausible after all.

It’s another excellent slice of criminal life complete with one of those satisfying moments where a suspect is confronted with irrefutable evidence that they’ve been lying all along – and caves.


Officers prepare to interview a care worker who has been brought in for questioning despite her adamant denial of the theft of a gold bracelet from someone she was looking after. Another man in custody denies being involved in a stabbing at a corner shop, while a suspect who has been wanted for six months has finally handed himself to police to be questioned over a violent assault outside a nightclub.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Simon Ford
Executive Producer Hamo Forsyth
Executive Producer Flavia Taylor
Series Director John Douglas