Series 1 - Episode 3



Any drama that uses the phrase “a new private equity fund” is going down, and going down hard. Financial doings and in particular financial crime are deadly dull things when they are portrayed in works of fiction, and so they are in Riviera.

Despite the surface gloss (and it’s just that, surface and gloss) – the gold taps, the truly hideous interior décor of the type that only really stupendous wealth and a complete lack of taste can buy – Riviera is about fraud.

The ghastly family at its heart tears itself to bits after the death of their corrupt patriarch while his widow Georgina (Julia Stiles) clip clops around her marble floored house in spike heels, looking anxious.


Georgina searches for answers by reviewing Constantine's movements on the day of the explosion, while Christos's hedonistic behaviour spirals out of control.

Cast & Crew

Georgina Clios Julia Stiles
Constantine Clios Anthony LaPaglia
Irina Lena Olin
Adam Clios Iwan Rheon
Christos Clios Dimitri Leonidas
Robert Carver Adrian Lester
Adriana Clios Roxane Duran
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