Growing Up with Cancer

Growing Up with Cancer


It’s understandable when people object to the cliché of cancer patients being in a “battle” with their illness – but it comes to mind here, witnessing the mental resolve shown by kids in the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Glasgow’s Royal Hospital for Children. Our brief visit includes both tales of full recovery and frank looks at how hard serious illness is.

The video diary of 14-year-old Nairn, leaping forward in time to show his changing appearance and mood, is sobering, as is the long period in isolation endured by Declan, who is also 14 but could, in his weakened state, pass for five years younger. Amid highs and lows, the courage of the children – there’s another cliché that’s used because it’s true – is a constant.


Documentary following the experiences of Natasha, Nairn and Declan as they receive treatment at the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit in Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Children, which offers special spaces for teen patients to listen to music, play video games or watch films with one another. Part of the Our Lives strand.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jo Roe