Supply and Demand

Series 1 - Episode 20 Supply and Demand



Taylor investigates the murder of a student who has been beaten and shot, and the discovery of heroin traces in his apartment leads him to suspect the killing was drug-related. The case becomes more urgent when it emerges that the victim's female room-mate has disappeared. Stella embarks on a harsh line of interrogation that results in her methods being called into question.

Cast & Crew

Dr Sheldon Hawkes Hill Harper
Det Stella Bonasera Melina Kanakaredes
Det Don Flack Eddie Cahill
Det Mac Taylor Gary Sinise
Det Danny Messer Carmine Giovinazzo
Det Aiden Burn Vanessa Ferlito
Chad Willingham Chad Lindberg
Will Novick Devin Cromwell
Joel Banks Taylor Sheridan
Mr Novick Cliff Weissman
Shaun Deroy Don Wallace
Martin Benson Matt McCoy
Alex Sunkrish Bala
Jordan Benson Lindsay Parker
Bill Trent Gill
Kaitlyn Jowharah Jones
Chief Dwight Hillborne Joe Morton
Diane Lipstone Amy Aquino
Director Joe Chappelle
Writer Erica Shelton
Writer Anne McGrail
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