Episode 7857



There's a mystery villager lying in a coma, though I’m not allowed to tell you who it is (it says in big red type in my production notes, “Do not reveal which mystery villager is in a coma. If you do, then you will be banned from David’s shop, barred from the Woolpack and glowered at by Cain Dingle”). So, apologies for being coy, even though I know you all love being surprised. That shock with Holly Barton last year wouldn’t have worked half so well if you’d known in advance.

And, anyway, it’s not all about lives being left on the line this evening – we also have the glorious prospect of Faith taking centre stage at Lydia’s dance class. It’s a ten from me.


Finn is unable to reach Ross by phone, so the drug dealers take him hostage as they search for his brother. They eventually spot Emma's car, force it off the road and attack the driver - but it is not who they think it is. Chrissie demands answers, while Doug is distracted.

Cast & Crew

Finn Barton Joe Gill
Chrissie White Louise Marwood
Doug Potts Duncan Preston
Director David Kester
Executive Producer John Whiston
Series Producer Iain MacLeod
Writer Helen Childs
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