Lotus 1-2-3
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Series 5 - Episode 5 Lotus 1-2-3

Thu 1 Feb 12:15am - 1:15am ITV4


At this stage of The Americans disillusion hangs over the story like a dust sheet. We know this is the penultimate series of the Cold War saga and we know there must be major crises coming down the line – and soon.

One reader wrote in to berate me for giving away plot spoilers, but really, it’s no more than informed guesswork to say that from what we’ve seen, it’s hard to imagine the drama will culminate with Philip and Elizabeth returning happily to Russia to build a nice new life with their (American-born) teenage children. Not likely.

And from what we’re seeing of Oleg’s life as a food inspector back in Russia, it’s no promised land, that’s for sure. Meanwhile Mischa, the Russian son Philip has never met, has made it to America, hoping to hunt his father down.


The Jennings receive surprising information about Henry and shattering news about a past operation. Stan might be falling in love, but Philip thinks something darker is going on.

Cast & Crew

Elizabeth Jennings Keri Russell
Philip Jennings Matthew Rhys
Dennis Aderholt Brandon J Dirden
Oleg Burov Costa Ronin
Henry Jennings Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings Holly Taylor
Stan Beeman Noah Emmerich
Matthew Beeman Danny Flaherty
Gabriel Frank Langella
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