The Loch

Series 1 - Episode 5



It’s the penultimate episode and I’m still no wiser than I was at the start of this convoluted, baffling, messy thriller. Just a tiny clue as to what might be going on in the little Scottish town would be most welcome.

Instead we get bluster, lumpen dialogue and a tone that veers alarmingly. Is The Loch cosy crime, like Hamish Macbeth? Or is it Reservoir Dogs in the Highlands? Who knows? The writing is all over the place and none of the characters convinces, notably that flipping maverick forensic psychologist. “Go away, Blake,” a police chief yells at him. Yes, Blake, GO AWAY.

It’s a great backdrop, but viewers cannot live by scenery alone. Sometimes we need plot.


Annie continues her determined investigation into the killer's identity, and reaches a breakthrough when she discovers the weapons that were used in the murders. Seeking help from Quigley, she is finally able to track down the culprit, and the two detectives put their lives on the line to put a stop to the slaughter. However, their relentless pursuit of justice leads them into a dangerous confrontation, as they stalk the armed murderer through the dark corridors of the area's hydro-electric dam.

Cast & Crew

Annie Redford Laura Fraser
DCI Lauren Quigley Siobhan Finneran
Kieran Whitehead Jack Bannon
Blake Albrighton Don Gilet
Dr Simon Marr John Heffernan
Mhari Toner Simone Lahbib
Craig Petrie Alastair Mackenzie
Evie Redford Shona McHugh
Alan Redford Gray O'Brien
CI Frank Smilie John Sessions
Bethan McGrellish Kay McAllister
Jordan Whitehead Oliver Greenall
Angusina McGrellish Victoria Liddelle
Don McGrellish George Anton
Dessie Toner Conor McCarry
Crawford Baxter Euan Stamper
PC Jason Denny Murray Fraser
Jonjo Patterson Keiran Gallacher
Nicole Patterson Jenny Ryan
Ken Patterson Moray Hunter
Bea Whitehead Anita Vettesse
Oliver Tench Fraser James
Michael Yuill Jim McMeekin
Director Cilla Ware
Executive Producer Tim Haines
Producer Alan J Wands
Writer Stephen Brady
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