The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room

Series 1 - Episode 1



A terrific concept for a fixed-rig documentary series, putting cameras in the changing rooms as sports teams (already changed, don’t worry) psych each other up for a match, debate how they’re doing at half time, and rake over the coals of the game when it’s all over.

We start with three keen amateur sides: Three Bridges (football), Thatto Heath Crusaders (rugby league) and Tees Valley Mohawks (basketball). The early scenes have a bit of structured reality awkwardness to them but, once the competitive mindset kicks in and the relationships between players and coaches are in evidence, it’s fascinating. You’ll wish you could leave that room and cheer them on from the sidelines, although the most memorable moments are when it’s clear that team spirit is more important than any sporting victory.


Reality series exploring life behind the closed doors of amateur sporting teams. Emotions run high in the lead up to the match between Three Bridges and Chatham Town.