Series 4 - Episode 3



Donald and Jacqueline start a collection to help Madge through her financial troubles, but she proves less than grateful. The Garveys visit a water park, only to discover Noreen has brought along her irritable daughter Pauline. Mateo plans to get rid of his annoyingly efficient new workmate, and there's trouble when Sam and Natalie hit a nightclub with Liam in tow.

Cast & Crew

Mateo Jake Canuso
Natalie Kathryn Drysdale
Jacqueline Stewart Janine Duvitski
Janice Garvey Siobhan Finneran
Liam Adam Gillen
Les/Lesley Tim Healy
Donald Kenny Ireland
Noreen Elsie Kelly
Sam Shelley Longworth
Kenneth Tony Maudsley
Mick Garvey Steve Pemberton
Madge Sheila Reid
Gavin Hugh Sachs
Pauline Selina Griffiths
Janey York Crissy Rock
Michael Garvey Oliver Stokes
Himself Shaun Foster-Conley
Director Sandy Johnson
Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Producer Ben Cavey
Writer Derren Litten
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