The Joy of Techs

Alpine Adventure

Series 1 - Episode 1 Alpine Adventure



Boyish pranks and blokey rivalry are the mainstays as Marcus Brigstocke and Alexis Conran (2016 Celebrity MasterChef winner!) set out on a series of adventures in which Alexis tries to convince Marcus of the worth of hi-tech gadgetry. Whether they’re racing up and down mountains or trying to live off-grid, there’s a feel of Top Gear stunts, with Alexis taking the exuberant Richard Hammond role and Marcus the lugubrious James May. There is no Clarkson, thankfully.

There’s a nice balance between hilarity when Marcus punctures Alexis’s excitement over a ludicrous bit of kit, and delight when the tech actually achieves something amazing (a torch that can light fires!).


Marcus Brigstocke and Alexis Conran put the world's top gadgets to the test, and Alexis heads on a cross-country adventure in the French Alps.