The Life Swap Adventure


Series 1 - Episode 1 Malawi/Essex



George is a farmer in Malawi while John is a workaholic fire officer/head of a consultancy business from Essex. Each is blindfolded and left in the other’s country for a life-swap.

It’s well trodden television territory that sometimes feels patronising. Yes, of course George is over-awed by a British supermarket, yes of course John finds subsistence farming in 40 degree heat exhausting.

But they are both good eggs, particularly George, who should immediately become a regular Countryfile presenter. John wants a better work life balance and to see his kids more often, while George wants money-making ideas to keep his ambitious son Sam on the family farm.

There are tears (from John), revelatory moments and introspection.


Volunteers trade places with people from other countries, hoping to gain a new outlook on life when they return. John, an overworked fire officer from Essex who worries he does not spend enough time with his children and grandchildren, swaps homes with a farmer from Malawi who envies Western technology and fears for his family's future.

Cast & Crew

Director Damian O'Mahony
Executive Producer Sam Bickey
Executive Producer Samantha Anstiss
Series Producer Naomi Gayler