Supercharged Otters: Natural World

Supercharged Otters: Natural World

Series 36



Otters are irresistible. They are playful, clever and highly sociable. Wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James has been a fan for 25 years, even adopting an orphan otter, Honey, who became part of the family.

Here, in an enchanting film, he follows the progress of three other orphans as they grow up in an American rehabilitation sanctuary. Watching them take to the water with furious reluctance (oddly, otter pups don’t like water and their splendid waterproof coats don’t develop until they are 12 weeks old) is very winning.

In a remarkable sequence Hamilton James watches a chirruping otter family defend its patch with an incredible, three-hour, sustained attack on a caiman. It’s the bloodiest playground fight ever.


Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James has been captivated by otters for the last 25 years and has filmed them more than anyone else. Now, through the eyes of three river orphaned otters, he sets out to reveal their survival secrets and exactly why he believes these creatures are so special.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Charlie Hamilton James
Producer Mark Wheeler
Series Producer Roger Webb