How to Stay Well

How to Stay Well

Series 1 - Episode 2



Do bacon sandwiches give you cancer? Is gym equipment thickly spread with more bacteria than a toilet seat? And is chicken pox worse if your child catches it from their sibling? Those are the questions investigated by three perky young medics as the pop-science series continues.

It’s only a half-hour programme but you can still skip everything before the commercial break with confidence, since the second part has recaps as well as all the answers. When we finally get there, the advice is useful, if hardly extensive or life-changing, and the facts behind it are clearly explained, with some common misunderstandings helpfully corrected.


Javid Abdelmoneim heads to the gym to find out if the places where people work out are less hygienic than toilet seats, while Helen Lawal examines if catching chicken pox from a sibling makes the condition worse. Plus, a look at whether bacon sandwiches can cause cancer.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Javid Abdelmoneim
Presenter Phil Kieran
Presenter Helen Lawal
Executive Producer Andrew Snowball
Executive Producer Paula Campion
Series Director David Symonds
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