Series 1 - Episode 2



There are ways of asking a bereaved mother for permission to exhume the body of her murdered 15-year-old daughter. None of them includes an overpoweringly narcissistic human-rights lawyer acting for the man who might have killed her getting in your face and asking, “So what do you say?”

The mum’s reaction is entirely understandable and leaves Emma Banville (Helen McCrory) reeling. I hope all of the forces ranged against Emma prevail in the end because she’s so annoying. Everyone’s out to get her – the police, the security services, the hated press. Patrick Harbinson’s script is so messy it’s hard to see what, exactly, the story is meant to be.


Released from prison following the retrial, Kevin faces a barrage of abuse from the public - with even his own son Jason calling him a murderer. Only local MP Matthew Wild is able to talk the mob down and with no other option, Emma is forced to take Kevin to her home for his safety. Meanwhile, Heather Myles arrives in England and pays Cambridge master Sir Alistair McKinnon a visit to get as much information as possible from him about Emma. Thriller, starring Helen McCrory, with Michael Gambon and Sam Swainsbury.

Cast & Crew

Emma Banville Helen McCrory
Sir Alastair McKinnon Michael Gambon
Heather Myles Robin Weigert
Olivia Greenwood Wunmi Mosaku
Dominic Truelove Jonathan Forbes
Kevin Russell Sam Swainsbury
Steve Livesey John Bishop
Matthew Wild Jamie Bamber
Laura Wild Emma Hamilton
Charlie Simms Rick Warden
Annie Peterson Rebecca Callard
Tony Pullings Alec Newman
Arthur Banville Jack Shepherd
Monty Berman Allan Corduner
Maggie Berman Jemima Rooper
Emma aged 6 Brooke Haynes
Young Emma Anna Berentzen
Miriam Attar Karima McAdams
Phil Simms Ben Cartwright
Derek Peterson James Thorne
Oliver Jones Simon Hepworth
Jason Peterson Jack Hollington
Nicholas Staines Brendan Patricks
Janice Long Lara Cazalet
Mike James Eeles
Delilah Suzette Llewellyn
Beth Simms Cathy Murphy
Zeinab Akbari Priyanga Burford
Luke Sam Crane
Jack Kretchmer Colin Stinton
Leila Anna Shaffer
Jenna Brooks Christine Bottomley
Siobhan Murphy Sammy Winward
SO15 tech Richard Simons
Supervisor Elizabeth Conboy
Director Pete Travis
Executive Producer Patrick Harbinson
Executive Producer Tom Mullens
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Adrian Sturges
Writer Patrick Harbinson
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