Horizon: 10 Things You Need to Know About the Future

Horizon: 10 Things You Need to Know About the Future

Series 53



Hannah Fry hosts a programme offering a rough guide to the next 50 years and the scientific advances they might see. Robots and flying cars? Possibly, but she focuses on less obvious prospects, my favourite being the gene-editing technique that will be able to hack the immune system using a burgeoning technique called CRISPR. The result could, we’re told, cure cancer and deliver on the fanfare of the Human Genome Project.

Elsewhere, we meet an AI doctor that “will do with healthcare what Google did with information” and see an implausible-looking wind power gadget called a “kitemill”.


Mathematician Hannah Fry is joined by a selection of BBC science experts to investigate the British public's questions about the future, trying to discover whether people could live for ever and if there will be a cure for cancer. Hannah examines the future of transport and if it will be possible to ditch fossil fuels, looks at what the weather will be like and discovers if the planet is on the verge of another mass extinction.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Hannah Fry
Director Peter Leonard
Series Producer Steve Crabtree
Documentary Science