A Touch of Frost

Care and Protection

Series 1 - Episode 1 Care and Protection



Another chance to see the feature-length first episode of the popular detective drama. Inspector Jack Frost's investigation into the case of a missing child uncovers a skeleton chained to a locked strongbox that tantalisingly turns out to be empty, but provides evidence of a crime committed 30 years previously. David Jason stars as the irascible detective, with Bruce Alexander, Matt Bardock and Claire Hackett.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Frost David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett Bruce Alexander
Sgt Brady James McKenna
Shirley Fisher Lindy Whiteford
Sandy Longford Bill Stewart
Derek Simpkins David Gooderson
Dr McKenzie David McKail
DCI Jim Allen Neil Phillips
DC Barnard Matt Bardock
DS George Toolan John Lyons
PC Caroline Harker Caroline Harker
Sgt Bill Wells Paul Moriarty
Sgt Johnnie Johnson Stuart Barren
Sgt Arthur Hanlon Bill Rourke
DC Mark Howard Jon Sotherton
PC Simms George Thompson
PC Keith Stringer Christopher Rickwood
Linda Uphill Claire Hackett
Gerald Powell Ralph Nossek
Annie Stefanopoulos Helen Blatch
Brian Farnham Sion Tudor Owen
Ronald Garwood Tim Wylton
Tricia Harding Arbel Jones
Mary Louise Harding Rachel Victoria Roberts
PC Chris Jordan Ian Driver
PC Lambert Martin Moss
Sean Brennand Martin Pearson
Young Felton Phil Croft
Young Garwood Peter Quilter
Miss Grey Tricia Thorns
Mrs Powell Olive Pendleton
Tracy Uphill Rebecca Ricketts
Forensic technician Irene Skillington
Bank Clerk Katy Landis
Nurse Janet George
Boy in church hall Otis Munyangiri
Director Don Leaver
Executive Producer Vernon Lawrence
Executive Producer Richard Bates
Executive Producer Philip Burley
Producer Don Leaver
Writer Richard Harris
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