A Touch of Frost

One Man's Meat

Series 6 - Episode 2 One Man's Meat



The severed arm of a missing environmental health inspector is washed up on the shores of the Humber and Frost's investigation leads him to a local meat factory. Unfortunately, his new lodger's annoying dog keeps distracting him from the case. Starring David Jason, Bruce Alexander, Emma Kay, Niall O'Brien and Tom Georgeson.

Cast & Crew

DI Jack Frost David Jason
Supt Stanley Mullett Bruce Alexander
PC Roberts Emma Kay
Gerry Ryan Niall O'Brien
Jim Scott Tom Georgeson
Warren Barber Cyril Nri
Naomi Barber Ginny Holder
Geoffrey Owens Martin Gower
Christine Owens Eluned Jones
Mark Owens Daniel Betts
Jane Owens Victoria Allen
Rickie Bayley Thomas Jamerson
DS Toolan John Lyons
DO Alice Beale Linda Armstrong
Sgt Brady James McKenna
PC Halliday James Barriscale
Simpkins David Gooderson
Dr McKenzie Davis McKail
Allen Deering Trevor Sellers
Marjory Deering Elizabeth Downes
Juia Ryan Gilly Coman
Harry Radcliffe Steve Osbourne
Dave Hurley Howard Crossley
Anne Waldren Jenny Howe
Boy Liam Barr
Abattoir worker Denzil Kilvington
Joop Joe Montana
Detective No.1 Stephen Tiller
Detective 2 David Corden
Director Alan Dossor
Producer Don Leaver
Writer Michael Russell
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