Series 1 - Episode 7



This series never quite knows whether to ply us with soapy storylines – albeit Jacobean soap, with a bit of grit in – or to aim for something deeper. The latter wins out this week and the drama about settlers on the edge of America in 1619 takes on some heft.

This is mostly thanks to Max Beesley, whose character has spent far too much time on the fringes of the story but now takes centre stage as he returns from the mountains with silver and proceeds to put the wind up everyone. “I knew the day would come when it would be my turn,” he growls, as his potential riches make him the toast of the town.


Henry Sharrow proves a popular man as he returns to flaunt his newly acquired riches in the settlement, but while many toast his fortune, Alice lives in fear of what he might do to her and takes drastic measures. Meanwhile, Jocelyn starts to assert her newly acquired power over Temperance, and James Read strikes a deal with Henry.

Cast & Crew

Henry Max Beesley
Jocelyn Naomi Battrick
Alice Sophie Rundle
Verity Niamh Walsh
Temperance Claire Cox
James Matt Stokoe
Silas Stuart Martin
Meredith Dean Lennox Kelly
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