Secrets of Our Favourite Snacks

Secrets of Our Favourite Snacks


Surely nobody is surprised that we consume enormous amounts of salty snacks? However, hearing that every year we spend a heart-stopping £2.8 billion on them is a shock.

This investigation into our snacking habits is crammed with statistics (for instance, the process of transforming a potato into a bag of cheese and onion crisps takes an astonishing 14 minutes), as well as a soupçon of science.

Simon Rimmer and Sophie Morgan learn about everything crispy and nutty by talking to a crisp blogger, exploring weird flavourings (fermented squid crisps, anyone?) and visiting the factories that produce crisps, nuts and – trendiest of all – popcorn.


Simon Rimmer and Sophie Morgan explore how crisps and popcorn are made, how crisps are marketed to us and the science and psychology of why many can't resist them. A survey reveals which parts of Britain eat the most snacks, and at what time of day. Plus, the UK's favourite flavour of crisp is announced.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Debbie Christie