Murder in Successville

A Rat's Tale

Series 3 - Episode 5 A Rat's Tale



Professor Green helps DI Sleet with a particularly unusual case as Successville's resident superhero the Rattman battles his arch-enemy the Termite. When the police commissioner is killed by the masked villain, the detective sets out to expose his identity, encountering intrepid reporter Beyonce and corrupt businessman Piers Morgan along the way.

Cast & Crew

DI Sleet Tom Davis
Celebrity sidekick Professor Green
Beyonce Lydia Fraser
Piers Morgan Colin Hoult
Gordon Ramsay Liam Hourican
Bear Grylls Luke Kempner
Sid Lowecroft Nico Tatarowicz
Director James De Frond
Executive Producer Andy Brereton
Producer Avril Spary
Writer Tom Davis
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