The Gadget Show

Series 25 - Episode 9



Georgie Barrat uses the latest brain-boosting apps and games to give struggling football team Monkey Tree FC the edge, including a set of LED sunglasses that claim to replicate the effects of an ancient form of meditation. Ortis Deley heads to Spain to `taste' a new gadget called the Foodini. This 3D printer takes freshly cooked food and serves up intricate dishes that may be beyond many home chefs. Plus, Jon Bentley heads to a scenic part of Wales to test a new camera drone based on a plane rather than a quadcopter. Presented by Craig Charles.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Craig Charles
Presenter Ortis Deley
Presenter Jon Bentley
Presenter Georgie Barrat
Contributor Jordan Erica-Webber
Director Tom McTaggart
Director Karen O'Donovan
Director Rob Murry
Executive Producer Richard Pearson
Executive Producer Ewan Keil
Producer Tom McTaggart
Producer Karen O'Donovan
Producer Rob Murry
Series Producer Graham Smiles
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