If you’re familiar with Serbian-American electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla, it might be thanks to the car company that now bears his name. Of course, you’re more likely to have heard of Edison (whom Tesla worked for in the 1880s) or Marconi (who used Tesla’s innovations when perfecting radio). So why is Tesla less fêted?

This enlightening profile explains, painting a picture of an eccentric visionary (hallucinations inspired several of his inventions) who fell in love with a pigeon and carelessly tore up a contract that would have made him, as deviser of the first alternating current electricity grid, unfathomably wealthy. It’s a heck of a story.


A profile of the prolific inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, who registered numerous patents and developed many working prototypes but died impoverished and largely forgotten. His innovative thinking looked ahead to a world connected by wireless technology, but was overshadowed for decades and only in recent years has it begun to receive due recognition.