Three Girls

Series 1 - Episode 3



Far-right protesters chant outside court as nine men accused of grooming and sex-trafficking of young girls stand in the dock. It’s a harrowing experience for Holly, who must endure cross-examination by each of their barristers. Which means she must insist, nine times, that she’s telling the truth.

As Nicole Taylor’s drama based on the Rochdale child abuse scandal ends, there is no sense that “everything will turn out all right in the end”. The girls’ experiences were hideous and life-changing. Now ex-detective Maggie Oliver (Lesley Sharp) feels she betrayed the girl whose trust she worked so hard to win.

The reverberations continue long after the trial is over, not least among Rochdale’s British-Pakistani community.


With the court case finally drawing to a close, Holly, Amber and Ruby are faced with trying to rebuild their fragile lives and putting the horrors they have suffered behind them. Meanwhile, Sara and Maggie, who fought hard to protect the girls and bring the perpetrators to justice, also face an uncertain future. Can their experiences stop the same mistakes happening again? Conclusion of the fact-based drama, starring Maxine Peake and Lesley Sharp. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Sara Rowbotham Maxine Peake
DC Margaret Oliver Lesley Sharp
Lorna Bowen Lisa Riley
Nazir Afzal Ace Bhatti
Jim Winshaw Paul Kaye
Julie Winshaw Jill Halfpenny
Amber Bowen Ria Zmitowicz
Holly Winshaw Molly Windsor
Ruby Bowen Liv Hill
Usher Keicha Greenidge
DC Nina Prentiss Kerrie Hayes
DC Sandy Cuthrie Jason Hughes
Emily Stone Katherine Pearce
Rachel Smith Amanda Hale
Mr Nichol Jamie Ballard
Miss Landale Katy Carmichael
Tariq Wasim Zakir
Daddy Simon Nagra
Saj Haider Mohammed Javed
Immy Antonio Aakeel
Car Zero Satnam Bhogal
Tiger Tebraiz Shahzad
Judge Clifton Robert Gwilym
Andrew Norfolk Deka Walmsley
Billy Zee Sulleyman
DC Jack Harrop Rupert Procter
PC Richard Bryan Ross Anderson
Zoe Ellie Lightfoot
Grace Vineeta Rishi
Avril Jordan Whyte
Fraser Lavery Steffan Rhodri
Steve Heywood Mark Carter
Usman Jay Sajjid
Iman Ezra Faroque Khan
Ali Gurjeet Singh
Abdul Waleed Akhtar
Waqas Salman Akhtar
Aisha Perveen Hussain
Yvonne Naomi Radcliffe
David Winneck MP Marc Danbury
BNP supporter Joe Hall
London journalist Vincenzo Pellegrino
Barrister Simon Cook
Barrister Hannah Lee
Barrister Philip Hill-Pearson
Chief Superintendent Paul Hickey
Director Philippa Lowthorpe
Executive Producer Susan Hogg
Executive Producer Hilary Salmon
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Nicole Taylor
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