Three Girls

Series 1 - Episode 1



A portly man known as “Daddy” takes an underage girl, Holly, into a fetid bedroom. After assiduously grooming Holly and her friends with kebabs, curries, vodka and cigarettes, he wants what he thinks is due to him: “When are you going to let me have sex with you?... I buy you things, I give you things, now it’s your turn to give something to me.” Then he rapes her.

Nicole Taylor’s devastating script, a three-part dramatisation of the Rochdale child grooming and sexual abuse scandal, is coruscating, brutal and unflinching. Holly (an extraordinary performance from Molly Windsor), after a falling out with her parents, is vulnerable and easy prey for the mainly British-Pakistani men who pass her and their other victims around like lumps of meat.

Her only ally is sexual health worker Sara Rowbotham (Maxine Peake), who builds up a picture of what the uninterested police call a “lifestyle choice”. It’s anything but. 


New series. The story of three of the children who were victims in the 2012 grooming and sex trafficking case in Rochdale. New to the area, Holly is keen to make friends, but finds herself drawn into a frightening world all too familiar to sexual health worker Sara. As her relationship with her family fractures, Holly unearths the courage to speak out - but will her nightmare finally end? Starring Maxine Peake and Lesley Sharp.

Cast & Crew

Sara Rowbotham Maxine Peake
DC Margaret Oliver Lesley Sharp
Lorna Bowen Lisa Riley
Nazir Afzal Ace Bhatti
Jim Winshaw Paul Kaye
Julie Winshaw Jill Halfpenny
Amber Bowen Ria Zmitrowicz
Holly Winshaw Molly Windsor
Ruby Bowen Liv Hill
DC Jack Harrop Rupert Procter
PC Richard Bryan Ross Anderson
Elliot Young Brian Fletcher
Chef Qas Hamid
Immy Antonio Aakeel
Luke Young Mark Beswick
Zoe Ellie Lightfoot
Pino Adam Karim
Tariq Wasim Zakir
Daddy Simon Nagra
Boy at Clinic Oliver Rushton
Yvonne Naomi Radcliffe
Arresting police officer Dean Ashton
Rachel Winshaw Bo Bragason
Billy Zee Sulleyman
Car Zero Satnam Bhogal
Saj Haider Mohammed Javed
Tiger Tebraiz Shahzad
Sexual Health Worker Megan Harris
DC Milne Adrian Harris
Jillian Menzies Jackie Clune
Caroline Wallace Maggie Service
GCSE Teacher Alison Reid
Pirate Jonas Khan
Director Philippa Lowthorpe
Executive Producer Susan Hogg
Executive Producer Hilary Salmon
Executive Producer Lucy Richer
Producer Simon Lewis
Writer Nicole Taylor
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