Inside the Houses of Parliament

Inside the Houses of Parliament



These behind-the-scenes documentaries are straightforward, useful little guidebooks to big British institutions. But this particular British institution, the Houses of Parliament, is crumbling.

Its woes have been well documented during the past few months; its roof leaks, its walls are cracking dramatically and the necessary repairs are likely to cost – deep breath – a staggering £8 billion and take 40 years to complete. Forty years!

But that’s what nearly 200 years of repeated batterings by the British weather does for you. Inside the Houses of Parliament potters around the building’s labyrinthine corridors of power, though it probably won’t be as fascinating and lid-lifting as last year’s BBC2 series Inside the Commons.


Within the Westminster buildings is a maze of secret rooms and hidden worlds that is the beating heart of the British State. The corridors of power have accommodated some of the nation's most famous leaders - and been home to shocking scandals. However, nearly two centuries of weather and pollution have left the buildings in danger of collapse and the repairs could cost £8billion and take 40 years.

Cast & Crew

Director Kim Lomax
Executive Producer James Hayes
Producer Kim Lomax
Series Producer Jeremy Hall