Series 3 - Episode 2



I love Hinterland, the only show on television that would dare to use a shot of scattered human teeth in its opening titles.

As the rain falls in torrents (yet again), DCI Tom Mathias has another long dark night of the soul in mid-Wales as the exhaustion of simply being DCI Tom Mathias looks set to overwhelm him completely. But he must pull himself up from the pits of his despair to investigate the murder of a young woman, found in a shallow grave in a forest.

The victim had a complicated romantic life: relationships with a boring boyfriend and an insufferably pretentious artist who keeps pebbles in his studio “because they remind me about perfection”.


A curator named Laura Dean is discovered in a shallow grave in remote woodland, so Mathias and the team delve into the young victim's life, and unearth some shocking secrets. Meanwhile, Brian Prosser, still reeling from the death of Iwan Thomas, calls on the help of retired chief inspector Robert Owen. In English and Welsh.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Mathias Richard Harrington
DI Mared Rhys Mali Harries
DS Sian Owens Hannah Daniel
DC Lloyd Ellis Alex Harries
Chief Supt Brian Prosser Aneirin Hughes
Manon Sian Reese-Williams
Iwan Thomas Geraint Morgan
Agnes Jones Gwen Ellis
Gareth Thomas Llyr Evans
GP Haydn Blake Geraint Lewis
Elin Rhys Sioned Dafydd
Young Alys Efa Morris
Robert Owen William Thomas
Ifan Riley Rhodri Meilir
Naomi Melangell Dolma
Anna John Eiry Hughes
Lewis John Julian Lewis Jones
Joanna Miller Catrin Awel
Superintendent John Powell Richard Lynch
Director Ed Thomas
Executive Producer Ed Thomas
Producer Ed Talfan
Writer Cynan Jones
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