Series 1 - Episode 5



It's getting nasty on the streets of 70s London. Revolutionary posturing and political rhetoric have given way to violence and, after an assignation to buy bomb-making equipment goes wrong, there's no turning back for Jas and Marcus. If anything, the killing has strengthened her resolve and she is determined to strike at the heart of the Black Power Desk.

The police are equally brutal, having no qualms about using torture (a horribly disturbing scene) and blackmail to find out where the Bishop-Mitra gang is hiding. Cullen continues to demonstrate what a deeply unpleasant character he is yet, weirdly, Pence has softened as if he’s been broken by recent events.


Kent's actions have a disastrous effect upon the black community, and Jas reaches out to a former ally, unaware that their circumstances have changed drastically.

Cast & Crew

Marcus Babou Ceesay
Jas Mitra Freida Pinto
Kent Idris Elba
Pence Rory Kinnear