The World According to Kids

Growing Up

Series 1 - Episode 5 Growing Up



Britain’s best child has been located – and he lives in Bradford. Daniel’s about to start secondary school and wants to be a scientist. He loves debating, too, but he’s not sure about being prime minister because if you lose an election, “you might have to leave a cat that you love at Downing Street”.

He’s also lovely about his mum. “She makes us tea and gives us a home, I could never repay her”. The kids have poignant things to say about adulthood. “I’m afraid because I might grow up homeless or I might end up being famous,” says one young boy. “I might grow up living a normal life, I might grow up living a sad life.”


Children from a Berkshire pony club, a school on the Isle of Mull and a debating club in Bradford discuss what it means to grow up. Nine-year-old Sophie dreams of riding at the Olympics, but is struggling to get back in the saddle after breaking her leg in a bad fall. Arwen thinks her future likes beyond the isolation of Mull, and Daniel is desperate to become a renowned scientist, although if that doesn't work then he has a back-up plan - he'll be a magician instead.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Fay Ripley
Executive Producer Samantha Anstiss
Executive Producer Rachel Arnold
Series Producer Tom Williams