Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Series 1 - Episode 1



Adventurer Alice Morrison loves Morocco, whether she’s squeezing into a taxi with three strangers, tasting camels’ milk or standing in a vat of pigeon excrement at a tannery.

She’s making the 200-mile journey from Tangier to the “city of gold”, Timbuktu, along the old trade routes or salt roads. Apart from a five-hour ride aboard the Marrakesh Express (accompanied by appropriate soundtrack), she mainly treks through inhospitable terrain chatting to people in fluent Arabic and French about the country’s history and traditions.

Alice is inquisitive and will try anything (hence the tannery experience), but this is a bit more intellectual than a Palinesque travelogue.


Writer and explorer Alice Morrison presents the first of two programmes in which she follows the salt roads of North Africa, once the world's richest trading networks, to the fabled sandstone city of Timbuktu. Setting off from Tangier, she learns how the routes were forged by the demand for gold from the mines of sub-Saharan Africa. She then passes through the Islamic city Fes, home to the world's oldest university, catches a train to the great market town of Marrakech and treks across the Atlas Mountains, before visiting the ancient caves of salt, the commodity that gave the roads their name.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alice Morrison
Director Alicia Arce
Editor Bill Gill
Executive Producer Harry Bell