Red Moms' Club

Series 19



JJ is moving in with Mrs Tembe but when she expresses surprise at how light he’s travelling, he explains that it makes it easier to move on to the next thing. That’s worrying. Meanwhile Al’s headaches are getting worse so he books a private MRI to try to find out what’s causing them. And Ruhma visits Charlie, a young mum who is struggling financially and almost unable to cope with her toddler and her unborn child. They bond over the challenge of being a single parent so Charlie invites the midwife to the Red Mum’s Club. But Ruhma is greeted with hostility … it’s clearly not a run-of-the-mill support group.


Al's headaches are getting worse, and he fears what his upcoming brain scan may uncover. JJ moves in with Mrs Tembe, but they get off to a rocky start.

Cast & Crew

Ruhma Hanif Bharti Patel
Dr Jimmi Clay Adrian Lewis Morgan
Dr Al Haskey Ian Midlane
Ayesha Lee Laura Rollins
Mrs Tembe Lorna Laidlaw
Karen Hollins Jan Pearson
Valerie Pitman Sarah Moyle
Rob Hollins Chris Walker
JJ Kenwright Neal Barry
Dr Megan Sharma Ritu Arya
Charlie Dixon Zoe Zak
Tanisha Stewart Kezrena James
Matthew Lyons Mark Holgate
Director Matthew Chambers
Executive Producer Mike Hobson
Producer Sandra MacIver
Writer Jenny Davis
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