Primal Survivor

Jungle Sacrifice

Series 2 - Episode 1 Jungle Sacrifice



For some reason, we relate to Bear Grylls. Maybe it’s because he’s an Old Etonian? Or the son of a knight of the realm? Maybe it’s just his dogged determination to prove he can make it in the wilderness without help, when we all know his cameraman would be most willing to share the packet of Mini Cheddars and Mint Club he’s got in his backpack.

Hazen Audel is not Bear Grylls. He is American, which is fine, but do we really care about how he’s cracking on in the Indonesian jungle? Series like this only really work if we are invested in the charisma of the presenter and there’s a little too much melodrama here to take it seriously. But he does wrestle snakes and stalk a wild pig…


Hazen Audel joins a band of tribal hunters on Indonesia's Siberut Island, drawing on ancient traditions to stalk a wild pig needed for a house building ceremony.