The Durrells

Series 2 - Episode 6



It seems as though all the females in Corfu are heavily pregnant and about to give birth. Well, not Louisa Durrell but Lugaretzia’s daughter Leonora, Dr Petrides’s wife Florence and even Gerry’s otter. The latter produces her cubs in “dignified silence”, but Florence and Leonora are considerably noisier about it.

It’s a dramatic episode to end the series, not least because Hugh’s still trying to persuade Louisa to go back to England with him, something Vasilia is violently against. “I’ve spent the whole day missing everything,” moans the usually insouciant Larry when the excitement is all over. However, Leslie’s life-changing experience may have turned him into a new man.


The family's maid goes into labour, so Leslie sends Larry to fetch Dr Petrides. However, he finds the doctor occupied, as he is in the middle of delivering his own wife's baby. Hugh has a proposition for a startled Leonora, which she promises to think about - but an altercation with Vasilia nearly ends in tragedy for them both. Donald attacks a rival suitor for Margo - who finds herself quite delighted by the thought of two men fighting over her - while Theo and Gerry make a discovery at the otters' den. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Louisa Durrell Keeley Hawes
Larry Durrell Josh O'Connor
Gerald Durrell Milo Parker
Margo Durrell Daisy Waterstone
Leslie Durrell Callum Woodhouse
Florence Petrides Lucy Black
Dr Petrides Alexis Conran
Spiros Halikiopoulos Alexis Georgoulis
Theo Stephanides Yorgos Karamihos
Hugh Jarvis Daniel Lapaine
Lugaretzia Anna Savva
Leonora Anna Antoniades
Vasilia Prifona Errika Bigiou
Donald Ben Hall
Zoltan Merch Husey
Pavlos Nikos Orestis Chaniotakis
Lunar nerd Alexandros Logothetis
Rose beetle man Drosos Skotis
Director Edward Hall
Dramatised By Simon Nye
Executive Producer Lee Morris
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Executive Producer Simon Nye
Producer Christopher Hall
Writer Gerald Durrell
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