Series 1 - Episode 4



Jamestown has succumbed to what you might call the inching sickness. This is a common affliction halfway through a drama series, where the story gets stuck for a few episodes and just inches slowly forward, eking out the odd minor plot development but never getting up steam.

While it’s labouring, we have to feed on narrative scraps of the two baddies spying on Jocelyn because they want to catch her with the doctor chappie, while the governor’s starchy wife suggests “a convivial afternoon of embroidery” to keep the womenfolk happy. There’s some stuff about a secret Portuguese gold map that sounds promising but it doesn’t go anywhere – yet.


Rumours of a gold mine sends a stir of suspicion through the settlement, and Jocelyn forces a reluctant Samuel to help her find the map. Meanwhile, threatened by her incessant interference, Farlow and Redwick instruct a handsome young soldier to extract information from Jocelyn's hapless maid Mercy. A harsh penalty awaits James Read when he clashes with the governor, while Verity challenges Meredith to give up drink for a month.

Cast & Crew

Jocelyn Naomi Battrick
Alice Sophie Rundle
Verity Niamh Walsh
Farlow Burn Gorman
Redwick Steven Waddington
Meredith Dean Lennox Kelly
Henry Max Beesley
Governor Yeardley Jason Flemyng
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